Quick Laravel/Lumen install with Docker!

Reading time ~1 minute

The default installer that comes with Laravel is great, but unfortunately that means you have to install dependencies of PHP and Laravel/Lumen first, before you can get started working on your application. This is not longer the case, so long as you use Docker. And you should.

All you need to do is:


docker run -v `pwd`:/var/www alairock/laravel 'laravel new site-name'


docker run -v `pwd`:/var/www alairock/lumen 'laravel new service-name'

Bonus Round!

These containers aren’t just good for installing laravel apps. You can also use them for development. (Remember, you need to add --host= in order to make sure that external connections to the artisan server are allowed)

$ cd site-name # or service-name if using lumen
$ docker run -v `pwd`:/var/www -p "8080:8000" alairock/lumen 'php artisan serve --host='

Just don’t forget to link to your database, nginx, or whatever other containers you are needing to integrate with.

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