CakePHP and jQuery problems.

Reading time ~1 minute

This issue plagued me for way longer than it should. Due to lack of documentation online I figured it would be best to represent it here.

I kept getting Black-holed. The most common answer I found online was to disable security altogether. (Seriously, don't do that). Rather, the correct answer via consensus in the #CakePHP IRC, as well as multiple other hidden forum posts was to disable it on a per hidden field basis.

Easy answer. Make this:

echo $this->Form->input('w', array('type' => 'hidden'));
Into this:

echo $this->Form->input('w', array('type' => 'hidden', 'security => false));
(The last one didn't work for me as was vastly suggested, but the following worked for me and should be an alternate)

<? $this->Form->unlockField('Purchase.x');
Happy coding!

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