Laravel: Custom Validation

Laravel form validation is simple enough, but what if you want to extend the validation and do your own? It’s easy enough to do if you are doing everything in the routing, but that is going to get out of control really quickly. You can even abstract it another level into the controller, and even

Organizing routes in Laravel 4

Laravel 4 is centered almost completely around routing. So organizing it is a must. There is no default organization for routes, but we can easily fix this. Add the following to your bootstrap/start.php file:

Then you can create a routes directory inside the app folder and save your routes in there. You can name

CakePHP 3 – Defining the Core Outside Webroot

One thing that CakePHP 3 documentation has you do when you install is put the CakePHP Core inside the vendor directory of the app. If you want to share the CakePHP core between multiple apps you can follow these simple steps. Step 1: Install the CakePHP 3 App

Step 2: Move the CakePHP 3

Why storing your credit card with Facebook is a bad idea!

I read an article that just upon hearing the title sent shivers down my spine. “Facebook … To Autofill Billing Info In Mobile Commerce Apps“. What it is: Essentially, if you choose to use this service, you would be adding some very sensitive data to your Facebook account. This way you can purchase crap on your

Turn off parallax iOS7

So for the slightly older iPhones, including iPhone4 and iPhone 4s, the parallax affect can take up some battery life. Not much, but with battery power so limited anything helps. If battery isn’t a concern for you, maybe you just don’t like the effect (which is my case) I feel like they didn’t smooth it


Awesome article I found: Pretty slick. Here’s the JSFiddle for a ZELDA tune in JS.